My Cards are for sale!

One thing I have been striving to do, is to get my cards out in a store to be sold. I don’t sell them for a big profit, I just want to use them to hopefully find a few more customers and friends. I enjoy having them in a location where others can enjoy their beauty and use them to hopefully brighten someones day. In a day and age where everything is digital, it makes my heart flutter when I receive a real piece of mail that was sent to me by someone who cares about me. A facebook message just isn’t the same as receiving a hand stamped greeting card. Here is my card display in Rustic Reflections Vendor Mall in downtown Crestview (Main Street). Its just a little corner by the checkout, but it seems to be gaining some interest :-) If you are in Crestview, stop in and check it out… and you will want to grab some homemade chocolate while you are there! 😉



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